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We Sold Our House.


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Hi friends. ¬†ūüôā

We sold our house! ¬†And,¬†quite frankly, I still don’t even know how that happened. ¬†I mean I KNOW¬†(at least now)¬† what that all entails. ¬†However, it’s very surreal. ¬†The whole process was such a whirlwind. ¬†Let me take you back to the beginning of all of this. ¬†A whopping 3 months ago in October. ¬†Some of this recollection is via my husband’s memory because I really don’t remember some of the details. Continue reading

Happy New Year 2017

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Long time no talk. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Continue reading

December Goals

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Happy December everyone.

I’m getting back on track with things. ¬†No more procrastinating and saying “I’ll do that some day when I have more time…”¬†So I’ve set some goals for me to accomplish during the month of December.

When I first decided on this new endeavor my initial list kept growing and growing because I have had so many things I’ve kept putting off that I needed to cram onto this list. ¬†But I had to remind myself to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. ¬†It’s a vicious cycle I often fall into that if I can’t do¬†everything¬† then there is no point. ¬†Talk about going nowhere fast. ¬†So new approach of doing what I can at the moment and not postponing to some distant future.

Daily Babbling: Randomness

Hi Friends!

Today’s post is random because quite frankly my life¬†has been¬†all¬†over the place here lately. ¬†Example – we went to go eat dinner at a local Chinese restaurant that I’ve been eating at since I was a kid. ¬†It’s been a few months since we had gone to dinner there but I was in the mood for one of my favorite dishes. ¬†Imagine my surprise that when we walk in the place is totally different. ¬†Come to find out the previous owners had retired and sold the restaurant. ¬†I’m not going to lie I’ve been pretty down about it ever since.

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These past couple of months I feel like I’ve been just there. ¬†I can’t seem to get into a productive groove if my life depended on it. ¬†OK – that is a tad bit dramatic I admit. ¬†But you know that feeling when you’ve got so much to do but you don’t know where to start?

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I know…I know…procrastination is not the solution to anything. ¬†But I figure since I’ve been trying to practice more patience that maybe my form of patience comes out as procrastination. ¬†Yes? ¬†No? ¬†I think this may require more self-reflection. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Maybe it’s fear of change. ¬†I like routine. ¬†I need routine. ¬†But right now I’m struggling trying to find my new routine.

So here are some random tidbits for you on life around here lately.


We went to Nashville for a quick family getaway. ¬†The city was great. ¬†A couple days prior to our trip I had a minor sinus infection that turned into bronchitis once we got to Nashville. ¬†Huge shout out to the urgent care in Franklin, Tennessee. ¬†They were a God send that got me fixed up and finally starting to feel better. ¬†Now I’m all clear. ¬†ūüôā

We watched “The Grinch” Broadway musical. ¬†It was really good except for the children in the audience. ¬†I don’t blame the kids one bit. ¬†I get it parents and grandparents that want to share the holiday experience with the kids. ¬†I mean I really do get it. ¬†HOWEVER – kids under a certain age are not going to make it through the whole show. ¬†First 30 minutes into the musical the kids started dropping like flies. ¬†And to the adults who wouldn’t take the kids out when the little tots were¬†literally screaming bloody murder because they did NOT want to be there – come on?! ¬† Like we get that you paid to watch the show, but don’t make everyone else suffer your children’s misery. ¬†So the ambiance of the musical didn’t necessarily put me into the holiday spirit. ¬†However afterwards, we checked out the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord Opryland. ¬†It was so cool¬†(see what I did there) to see these incredible sculptures and displays made entirely out of ice. ¬†I was a fan of the ice slide and the parkas they give you before you go in. ¬†I recommend you wear gloves and warm socks because the parka will only cover so much.

Holiday Season

I’ve got the majority of my Christmas shopping finished. ¬†Hallelujah! ¬† I’m feeling so pumped. ¬†I do most of my Christmas shopping online. ¬†Downside will be when all the boxes start showing up and I have to start wrapping presents. ¬†Blah.

We just finished putting up our tree.  We had to get a new tree because a large section of lights went out and the hubs refused to go through all the bulbs and replacing them again like he did last year.  So new tree it is.  I got kind of sad.  We were reminiscing that it was the tree from our apartment days pre-husband and wife time frame.  That means that tree was over 9 years old!

Christmas cards…I drag my feet so bad on the Christmas cards. ¬†Everyone seems to be a fan of the photo cards which makes it that much harder. ¬†Gotta add this to my To Do List.

Gilmore Girls

The kiddo and I have been watching the “Gilmore Girls” (like everyone else in the world) in preparation for the new episodes. ¬†It’s been fun watching a show with her that I loved so much in college. ¬†I watched the first episode and again it left me feeling nostalgic. ¬†Crazy to think how much time has come and gone. ¬†And even though so much of the original show’s charm was captured in the new episodes it’s still…different. ¬†Not bad but different. ¬†And some times you just want the comfort of the old familiar stuff. ¬†Ugh…this time of year always makes me start to feel this way.

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My Life Changing Beauty Products

Hi friends!

I’m not going to lie I’m a beauty product junkie. ¬†LOVE that stuff. ¬†So I’d thought I’d share my list of beauty products that changed my “beauty game”. ¬†ūüôā

Image result for beauty product meme Continue reading

Daily Babbling: Project Completed, Weekly Menu, Another New Washing Machine.

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Happy Monday ūüôā

Bathroom Update Рwhat was originally a 2 week project turned into a 4 week project.  Please do not judge me too harshly on the before pictures.  In my defense, this is what the bathroom was like when we bought the house.  We had intentions of renovating it much sooner but other projects that were more visible to guests took precedence.


And the AFTER


We love the renovated bathroom.  Kind of kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner.  But you live and learn, right?  Best part is no longer having to share a shower with three people nor having to go across the house to the half bath to use the toilet.  God bless master bathrooms!

Weekly Menu:

Sunday:  chicken and dumplings
Monday:  PaleOMG Slow Cooker Al Pastor Tacos (smells and tastes a-m-a-z-i-n-g)
Tuesday:  leftovers
Wednesday:  sausage with peppers and onions and roasted sweet potatoes
Thursday:  Ravioli and salad

Washing Machine Replacement

Yep – along with updating our bathroom we are now having to replace our washing machine. ¬†If you recall earlier this year, it took me forever to decide on a new washing machine. ¬†And one return later we settled on a Samsung top loader oddly enough because our front loader Samsung kept moving…like out ¬†of the laundry room. ¬†So imagine my excitement upon learning ¬†that our washing machine is part of the recall. After much debate, we’ve decided to get the rebate for a new different brand washing machine. ¬†And the research begins¬†*insert eye roll*

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Well I don’t really have much to say about this election year. ¬†But, whatever happens – let’s hope it works out for the best!

And a little information about the good ole electoral college – you’re welcome. ūüôā

Friday Favorites: 10.21.2016

Hi friends!

The past few weeks have been crazy.¬† A week ago I had a great trip to NYC with my college bestie.¬† On top of my trip, we’re in the middle of a bathroom remodel.¬† What started out as a decluttering attempt turned into a master bathroom remodel.¬† How?¬† I’m still not sure… Let’s add another kink in the plan, what should have been completed at least a week ago has been delayed due to the tile guy.¬† We’ve used him for a couple of other projects and his work is fantastic.¬† But due to his time management or lack thereof¬† we are having to go with another guy.¬† Fingers crossed that we have our bathroom back by the end of next week.¬† I know the kiddo would love to have her bathroom back.¬† She has graciously shared her space with the hubs and I these past 3 weeks.

Onto this week’s Oh Nos, Yays!, and Favorites
Continue reading

Daily Babbling: Suddenly Busy

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Hi Friends!

Allow us to take a minute and appreciate that fall is finally HERE!¬† The weather around here has been below 50% humidity and less than 90 degrees this week.¬† Can I get an amen?!¬† And just like everyone else, I blinked and September has come and gone.¬† About a week ago I shared this post via Instagram from Cassie over at Blogilates.¬† For some reason – it really resonated with me the day I read it.¬† Who knew quitting some things actually got me to start some other things.¬† Crazy how sometimes we need to do the opposite…¬† For me, I often get too caught up in my own head and thinking (#2).¬† It’s like being stuck in a roundabout and not knowing when to finally pick a path and go (#1).¬† And I’m seeing some really exciting changes coming.¬† ūüôā¬† Kind of makes me want to kick myself for waiting/holding myself back on some of the things I’m working on.¬† Needless to say the changes are making me quite busy.

Continue reading

Friday Favorites: 09.09.2016


Guess what guys – today is Witty Aspirations’ #101 blog post!¬† I can’t believe it’s already been that long since I started rambling on this little piece of the internet.¬† Looking back at my posts, I can see patterns, feelings, and thoughts.¬†¬† Witty Aspirations has been my diary chronicling quite a bit of it.¬†¬† Someone once told me [may have been my counselor…she’s pretty attune to this sort of thing] ,¬† that human beings have a need to be connected.¬† When we are at our highest of highs – we want to share and celebrate with others.¬†¬† And when we are at our lowest of lows, we need the comfort and encouragement to get back up and/or keep on going.¬† As I’m sure many bloggers can relate, there was a period that I was ready to scrap this thing.¬† I mean who was really reading my posts anyways besides a few of my friends?¬† But it seems like after each post my site’s visit count would steadily increase.

All I can say is the BIGGEST THANK YOU!  As I continue to find my rhythm in this whole blogging thing, I hope that you all will my find my content authentic, entertaining, and refreshing.

Some things I’ve learned… Continue reading

Daily Babblings: Thoughts on September and a Bunch of Random Tangents

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Our hot temperatures and humidity have crept back up around these parts.¬† But with each passing day we¬†getting closer to the gorgeous fall weather.¬† I intended to work on Labor Day and float my holiday PTO for another day.¬† But once that alarm went off on Monday morning…yep that’s not happening today.¬† I should have stayed up and stuck to my routine of going running/walking in the mornings.¬† But since I decided to stay home – going back to sleep sounded like the better choice.¬† ūüôā Continue reading

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