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Friday Favorites: 09.09.2016


Guess what guys – today is Witty Aspirations’ #101 blog post!  I can’t believe it’s already been that long since I started rambling on this little piece of the internet.  Looking back at my posts, I can see patterns, feelings, and thoughts.   Witty Aspirations has been my diary chronicling quite a bit of it.   Someone once told me [may have been my counselor…she’s pretty attune to this sort of thing] ,  that human beings have a need to be connected.  When we are at our highest of highs – we want to share and celebrate with others.   And when we are at our lowest of lows, we need the comfort and encouragement to get back up and/or keep on going.  As I’m sure many bloggers can relate, there was a period that I was ready to scrap this thing.  I mean who was really reading my posts anyways besides a few of my friends?  But it seems like after each post my site’s visit count would steadily increase.

All I can say is the BIGGEST THANK YOU!  As I continue to find my rhythm in this whole blogging thing, I hope that you all will my find my content authentic, entertaining, and refreshing.

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Daily Babblings: Thoughts on September and a Bunch of Random Tangents

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Our hot temperatures and humidity have crept back up around these parts.  But with each passing day we getting closer to the gorgeous fall weather.  I intended to work on Labor Day and float my holiday PTO for another day.  But once that alarm went off on Monday morning…yep that’s not happening today.  I should have stayed up and stuck to my routine of going running/walking in the mornings.  But since I decided to stay home – going back to sleep sounded like the better choice.  🙂 Continue reading

Friday Favorites: 09.02.2016



Onto the Yays and Oh Nos for the week shall we.  🙂 Continue reading

Daily Babbling: Gallery Wall, Hair Cut, and Trip Planning

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Hi friends –

Another fast weekend has flown by, am I right?  As always not enough free time.  I did some organizing on Saturday.  What a difference it makes when you can clearly see and find items you are looking for.  I utilized the below method for organizing my t-shirt drawer and workout clothing drawer [I know ironic that my workout clothing drawer is messy considering I haven’t used any of the items in awhile.]  For my camisoles and tank tops, I simply rolled them into little tubes.  Much easier to find versus going through stacks of them in a drawer.  I even got a decorative hook to hang my long necklaces that don’t fit in my jewelry box.  Yay for organizing! Continue reading

Friday Favorites: 08.26.2016

Happy Friday guys 🙂

This week we were blessed with slightly cooler temperatures.  The family enjoyed the evening walks and not sweating the first thing in the morning.  Although the temperatures are slightly going back up, I *think* we are out of triple digit temperatures.  This slight dip in temperatures has got me so excited for fall. 🙂  I’ve been buying  a ton of new clothes.  🙂  But don’t worry I’m cleaning out my closet to make room.

Image result for fall shopping

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Daily Babbling: Avoiding…Procrastinating…Ugh I just don’t want to.

I have been procrastinating on a lot of things.  You know how you put stuff off till it just grows and grows into a bigger task?  So then I move onto the next phase – avoiding.  Example – I had a lot of clutter accumulating in my dining room.  In a mad rush to prepare to have people over for my daughter’s birthday party, everything got moved from the dining room to my family’s version of the “Room of Requirement” (any other Harry Potter fans??)  Except our room is literally filled with stuff that needs to go in other rooms that currently do not have any room or just need to be tossed.  Thus, I avoid that room like the plague.  Actually, there is one room and 3 closets I’m avoiding.  Oh and the garage…but the last time I organized that my husband couldn’t find anything.  Ooops..

And my final phase/rock bottom moment is admitting I’m just lazy and DON’T want to deal with it!

(Anyone else remember getting so upset you straight up ugly cried/hyperventilate and then had those horrible sniffles afterwards? ) Continue reading

Friday Favorites: 08.19.2016

I think the picture above captures everyone’s feelings when Friday finally rolls around.

It’s been a long week.  School is back in session this week.  I was having some technical difficulties with the blog.  But luckily my tech savvy bestie saved the day.  🙂  [thanks Nita!]  I’ve been staying up way too late watching the Olympics.  We’ve had rain every single day this week.  Needless to say the family, including the pups, are going stir crazy!  Poor Olive’s look of longing to go play outside.

Olive on a Rainy Day

So yes, basically, life happened this week.  😛

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A Year Older but Not Much Wiser

Hello friends 🙂

Seems like I blinked and the summer is almost over.  Since our last chat, I celebrated a birthday.  Every new year and my birthday are the two times throughout the year that I reflect on my life.  But I’m not going to lie…I wasn’t really happy with how last year went.  I had made some serious progress/strides in the year before and I had really big ambitions to keep on moving forward.  However, I just could never get the momentum to keep going.  It really felt like my enthusiasm, drive, passion, etc just were nowhere to be found.

After a couple of health set backs in the past year (nothing serious – thank God), plus the difficulties that life will throw our way, I believe I fell into a sort of depression.  Not the clinical kind or anything like that…but for me…when I can’t make progress or feel like I’m being productive it can weigh heavily on me.  Lots of heart felt and tear filled conversations with my husband on how I feel like I’m sucking at this whole family thing, career, blogging, etc.  I often feel like I’m just messing up royally.  It’s so difficult trying to do the right thing.  Often times you just want to give up.  I think kids, particularly teens, think that parents often do things out of anger and a desire for control.  Little do they know how much fear surrounds parents.  The fear of the unknown, fear of someone hurting them, fear of a choice that has lasting impacts, fear that they truly mean it when they say they hate and/or will never forgive you when you have to make those tough parenting decisions.  I’ve cried more this year than I ever did in all of my teen years.  Guys – this parenting thing is tough!  Being a good partner when life gets tough is hard.  Trying to be a positive contributor to the world around you is practically impossible when you feel like you are just a shell of the person you once were… Where did that girl go?  And how do I reconnect with her..?


And this is where I need to pick up from.  The woman that I am today.  Life has changed me but at the core…the original me is still there.  So I will not count my year of 33 as a failure (big step for me!).  I’ll call it a time out.  I was just getting my bearings with this new phase of life.  After all – it’s only when I quit trying that I truly fail….don’t you agree?


Daily Babbling: Father’s Day, Furniture, and a Goodbye

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a fantastic Father’s Day.  Sunday, June 19 marked two years since my Dad passed away.  I miss him but am happy to report I’m doing well.  I know my Dad wouldn’t want me to be sad.  Last night was also a full moon.  Fun story:  every full moon my Dad would call me (while I was away at college) and howl on the phone.  My roommates can attest to hearing this a time or two.  So it was nice to see a beautiful full moon on the second anniversary of his passing which also happened to be Father’s Day.  I am so thankful for these signs that God allows my Dad to send me.  🙂

Guys…the hubs and I finally broke down and bought new couches.  We’ve had our current set up for almost 10 years.  *gasp*   Needless to say, the cushions are telling us they are d-o-n-e.  Other than that, they are in really great shape.  We had originally agreed to wait to buy new couches till our next house.   However because our couches are a bit on the wore out side – we hadn’t really had get togethers like we use to with our friends and family.  I mean, we don’t want our guests struggling to get off the couch.  Know what I mean?  Any way – the couch will be here Thursday and our loveseat will arrive in a few weeks.  The huge expense of new furniture has a tendency to leave me with a little buyer’s remorse.  However, when I got back home after the purchase and saw my old well used furniture…yeah…it’s definitely time.  I can’t wait for the new couch.  I will  be sure to post a picture with the new couch.  🙂

Foster Emily

On Saturday morning, we sent off sweet Emily (our temporary foster) and another foster named Toto.  I drove out to the Cabot Animal Shelter to pick up Toto who was an absolute sweetheart.  I left Emily at home because I wanted her to have as much playtime with Olive in the backyard.  The picture above was from the afternoon before she left.  The hubs rode with me to take Emily and Toto to the Conway Municipal Airport for their flight to Minnesota.  I’m sure the puppies will definitely appreciate the cooler temperatures than hot box Arkansas.  I was suppose to take pictures for the animal rescue that coordinated everything.  But the hand-off happened so quickly – probably for the best.  We waited to watch them take off.  I shed a few tears.  However I know they are getting another chance for a new family that will hopefully love them as much as I do.  Sweet Emily – I hope you enjoyed your time with our family and know we enjoyed you so much.  Your sweet temperament and playful spirit were such a joy.  Olive misses you and will occasionally look for you still.  Thanks for being such a great playmate for our “strong-willed” Doxie.

I told the hubs I would totally support him getting his pilot’s license if he would provide transport.  I believe the organization this pilot worked with is Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue.  It was such a cool experience.  A little sad but for selfish reasons I admit.   But if you have the ability, please consider fostering an animal.  🙂

Question of the Day:  Have you ever or would you ever consider fostering an animal?

Daily Babbling: Riverfest, Air Purifier, and Fostering a Puppy

Happy Tuesday everyone,

The summer heat is definitely starting to make its presence known in the Natural State.  Not only does it get crazy hot – but insanely HUMID.  Double whammy.  I’ll take dry heat any day.

A couple of weekends ago I took the kiddo and a couple of her friends to Riverfest.  Riverfest is an annual summer music festival in Little Rock along the Arkansas River that typically lands around the Memorial Weekend.  However this year, it was the weekend after Memorial Day.  We saw X Ambassadors, Kelsea Ballerini, Barrett Baber, and Goo Goo Dolls.  I was hoping to catch Grace Potter but she was on a different stage during Kelsea Ballerini’s performance (which the kiddo and her friends wanted to see).  Goo Goo Dolls were of course awesome!  My all time favorite song “Iris” was the highlight of my night.

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