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My Favorite Brunch Spots

Happy Wednesday everyone,

I’ve been on a really big brunch kick lately.  Thankfully, my husband has kindly obliged my brunch binge.  Here are my favorite brunch spots in Little Rock:

@ the Corner:  A modern diner

I really like this place.  They kept popping up in my twitter feed for Little Rock food places.  The hubs and I finally committed to making the trek to downtown.  I’ve had the biscuits and gravy.  Their gravy is sooo good.  Like their gravy actually is savory and full of flavor.  The hubs had some sort of hash (can’t remember the name of it) and he too loved it.  The kiddo has had their chicken tenders and said they are some of the best she’s ever had.  FYI – teenagers are chicken finger connoisseurs so her opinion has some pretty decent weight on this issue.  🙂  The decor is perfectly described as a “modern diner”.  The space is clean and the service is great.  Everyone is very friendly and the food comes out relatively quickly.  They even offer flavored water.  Talk about classy.  😛


The Root Cafe

A quaint and eclectic space that offers delicious food supporting local farms.  The food is fantastic here.  They often offer vegetarian and vegan specials.  My personal brunch favorites are the root benny, eggs bahn mi, and mocha.  Their mochas are so good.  The space is small and gets busy fairly early on the weekends.  So don’t be surprised to see lines around 9 AM on  a Saturday or Sunday.

Delicious Temptations

This place is a nice compromise for brunch for the hubs and I.  They offer an extensive lunch menu.  So while I’m getting my breakfast fix, the hubs is able to order a sandwich.  The service is friendly but not always the quickest.  But their pancakes make the wait worth your while.  I don’t even like pancakes – but I devour their pancakes!  They offer lots of add-ins for your pancakes.  My personal favorite is banana, blueberries, and walnuts.  So delicious.  The kiddo gets strawberries and chocolate chips in her pancakes.

Delicious Temptations_Pancakes

Some honorable mentions:

Red Door
(Saturdays only)

Loca Luna
(Sundays only)

Question of the day:  Any other brunch lovers?  What are you favorite places to grab a good breakfast?

Daily Babblings: Shopping, Yoga, and FitBit Alta


Happy Monday!

OK – it’s been at least 3 years since I’ve been to a yoga class.  I really like yoga.  I mean what’s not to like about savasana??  I haven’t tried hot yoga or anything much more difficult than the beginner classes, but I always appreciate the mindfulness and clarity I feel during yoga.  Helps take the edge off of a mind that is always thinking about a million things.  Know what I mean?  I’ve decided to bring yoga back into my life.  I went to the beginner class at Barefoot Studio in Little Rock.  One interesting thing I noticed during the class, I was a lot stronger than the last time I had done yoga.  I didn’t struggle with any of the poses and even did some balancing on one leg etc.  I was able to flow from the various positions smoothly.  I’m going to definitely consider that a perk from CrossFit.  Headstands – I’m going to get you one of these days!

The instructor was so lovely.  I really enjoyed her instruction.  It was very light and positive.  Sometimes I feel like some yogis are too into the whole yoga image that they make it almost forced.  I had an instructor one time get frustrated because the class’s breathing was not “cleansing” enough.  She sounded like a fire breathing dragon and I found nothing cleansing about her constant comments that we really needed to make an audible cleansing breath.  Luckily – none of that with this class.  🙂 Yoga – I’ve missed you and hope to see you more often.

I got a FitBit Alta.

So I lost my Jawbone Up2.  🙁  And I honestly have no clue how.  The clasp is very secure but I think I was adjusting it while we were walking through the mall and it somehow fell off.  I didn’t realize it until I went to take it off to get ready for bed.   I debated on getting a replacement fitness tracker.  Because honestly I had only been mostly using it for sleep tracking.  Some days I wouldn’t even get close to 5000 steps.  Strangely enough – knowing I didn’t have a tracker on me, I became even more apathetic about walking.  I know…I know…damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  I really liked Jawbone’s app.  But I wasn’t crazy about the Jawbone UP2 I had and the reviews for the UP3 weren’t that great either.  The FitBit Alta is the newest model from FitBit and I really liked the look and features of it.  I’ve only had it for a couple of days so I’m not going to a full review of it yet.  Here’s hoping it’ll help me with getting me moving again.


Shopping – I’ve gone shopping a couple of times.  Not nearly the same capacity like I would in the past, but still I didn’t quite stick with my new shopping guidelines.  Sephora just had their VIB sale.  Man I had that online shopping cart filled up!  Like to the point the 15% discount really wasn’t going to offset the amount I was about to spend.  But I decided to sleep on it before clicking the submit button.  The next day I login and remove some items, add a couple of others…and just kept going back and forth with the items I had selected.  I decided to wait one more day.  The next morning I had an email from Sephora with the subject line “You need this…”  *Lightning bolt moment*  Marketing…the perpetual message around us that we need more and more stuff.  It disgusted me.  Don’t tell me WHAT I NEED.   I deleted everything from my shopping cart.  Have you guys ever felt that way?  Like tired of having stuffed pushed at you from every which way?

Unfocused, Distracted….Stagnate

There seems to be something going on…or in my case lack of going on.  I’m not sure what sign/planet or whatever is in the horizon of another.  I’m not sure if the year of the monkey has anything to do with it.   Maybe global warming?  Too many wireless signals?   There seems to be this funk/rut going on for a lot of people.  I guess it’s good to know I’m not alone.  But I hope it’s not like when women’s cycles try to sync up.

First QuarterSLUMP

Since I can’t seem to get my groove going,  I decided to try to get to the root of the problem by going old school.  Like hundreds of thousands of years old school.  I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist.  Who else are you going to call when you need your energy flow fixed?  Not Ghostbusters (totally unrelated but I’m really looking forward to the new one).

After an assessment she concluded my qi and blood were stagnate.

to stop developing, progressing, moving, etc
to be or become inactive or still
cease developing; become inactive or dull

Yes – Yes I do feel like those descriptions.  For months this feeling, all the attempts to get a jump start and going, and failing can all stem back to this word.  I had become stagnate.  But why…?

This afternoon I decided to take a quick walk break at work.  I exit the building and the weather is gorgeous.  A butterfly passes me by on my walk and I instantly think of my Dad.  It was during the spring two years ago that my Dad was dying from cancer.  I remember feeling like the world, as I knew it, was slowing down.  Here we were starting a new year, the earth was awakening from winter, and I was watching my Dad slip away.  My family was disappearing as we all began to realize that he wasn’t going to improve.  His condition was incurable.  During the first half of 2014, I felt so frustrated and angry at my Dad.  I often felt like he wasn’t trying.  I now know and can clearly see that my Dad did the best he could.  No one would want to spend his or her last months and days the way my Dad did.

That’s the thing with grief related to the loss of a loved one, it never leaves you.  It leaves a void in your life.  Grief randomly will affect you.  Last year, during this time of year, I didn’t feel like I was in a rut.  But I believe that was because I was so grateful to be in a much better place than  2014.  Thank God for counseling!  I was so thankful for no longer feeling constant sadness.  I guess this year…my grief was triggered by the memories of a beautiful day.

Yep…I’m stagnate.  I’m not progressing.

But now I’m able to identify why.   And I’m going to take a cue from my counseling days and be kind and patient with myself.


Daily Babblings: Brunch, water heater, and FSA

Happy Monday everyone,

We had lovely weather this weekend.   But as always, I blinked and it’s now Monday.   I feel like I have no free time to just do nothing.  It’s like every day is packed full of stuff that I need or have to do.  I can’t even remember the last time that we had a day free to do absolutely nothing.  I feel bad but my social calendar has been kind of  on hold.  So my dear friends – I love you guys and it’s not you…it really is just me.  I now understand why my parents always wanted to stay home when they got the opportunity.  And of course as a kid/teenager I always wanted to go somewhere and do something.  Funny how these things come full circle…

Our water heater died.  It’s one of those purchases that you hate to have to make.  But we are so grateful to have  hot water again.  We used Precision Plumbing in Cabot, Arkansas.  I originally found them through Angie’s List.  They did a great job, were on time, and completed the job in a reasonable amount of time.  It cost us a pretty penny…but again the work was top notch and we don’t have to question the quality.

We had some yummy eats this past weekend.  We finally tried Baja Grill on Friday night.  My husband could eat tacos anytime.  The Cuban taco was by far our favorite.  It’s a small place but the food was great and the service was nice too.

I am a huge fan of brunch.  The hubs is not that big a fan of it *sigh* but every now and then he’ll be a sport and go with me.  For Saturday brunch, the hubs and I went to Delicious Temptations for the most amazing pancakes (and I don’t even like pancakes…).  They are made with yogurt and you can add whatever you want to them.   We got the banana walnut pancakes and they were so good.  I posted a picture on my Snapchat but forgot to save it to show you guys.  You’ll have to trust me on how amazing they were.

After brunch is was just errand after errand.  I had to drop off my wedding rings to get a band repaired and also get them reappraised so I can update my insurance policy on them.  They are going to be gone for a couple of weeks.  I’m only on day 2 of not wearing them and it feels so weird.  I definitely feel like I’m missing a part of me.  One fun errand was going to Maddox and picking up this cute top.  They have some really cute items and the people are super friendly.  Then it was back to boring errands like buying fish oil etc.  😛

Floral Stripe Shirt

Dear administrators of Flexible Spending Accounts – you do NOT make it easy to use MY MONEY that I’ve set aside to help with various medical expenses.  The whole point of over the counter medication (i.e. allergy medicine) is so you don’t have to go see your doctor for a prescription.  But apparently purchasing my over the counter medication and for it to be covered by my FSA,  I have to get a prescription from my doctor.  After much arguing with said administrators, they said they would settle with a doctor’s note.  Do you know how big of a pain it is to bother a doctor’s office for a note stating you are allowed to use over the counter allergy medicine.  Mind you – I’m not even trying to buy the stuff that people use to make meth!  It’s so frustrating.  I get things need to be monitored because some jack ass has abused the system.  But a lot of times, I feel like all of the additional regulations and rules are only hindering the ones who are truly trying to abide by the rules.

On my agenda this week…

  • couple of CrossFit work outs
  • go for a run 3x this week
  • maybe a yoga class
  • puppy school (got to get them back into it)
  • cooking dinner at least 4 times (I made dinner Sunday night – whoo hoo!)
  • no sweet tea this week 🙁

Question of the day:  What’s on your agenda this week?


Friday Favorites: 04.01.2016


Happy Friday / April Fool’s Day!

Had you guys fooled into thinking I was going to consistently post again.  Sorry for the let down.  🙁  Quick recap :  previously mentioned new laptop crapped out (like I only got to use it ONCE – c’mon HP!), went out of town (planning to do a recap next week), worked on landscaping/house projects, water heater died…just good ole grown up stuff.

I may have mentioned a time or two that I’m a sweet tea addict.  As a cruel April Fool’s day prank on myself…I’m giving it up for the month of April.  See I time it this way, so if I don’t stick with it I can say that was an April Fool’s day joke.  Ok…I feel really bad for typing that.  I believe I’m invoking the “Planning to Fail” loophole.

OK for reals…I need you guys to hold me accountable on this one.  30 days.  I can do it…I can do it…worst case I can take up drinking wine?  😛 j/k

Without further adieu, this week’s Yays and Oh Nos…
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Friday Favorites: 03.18.2016

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve consistently posted.  Sorry about that!  Life has just been all over the place.  I’ve been working through some personal stuff and it’s just really taken a lot out of me.  I’ll post more about that later.

On top of what I just mentioned, my household was hit with the flu.  PSA – even if you get the flu vaccine, you can still catch the flu.  The plus side is that the symptoms will be less severe.  The hubs tested positive for the flu last Friday.  Looking back , I thought I was suffering from severe allergy stuff was probably the flu.  Ooops…sorry babe and everyone that I came into contact with.  I, not knowing that I may have possibly had the flu, continued to go to work and worked out a couple of times.  But since we can’t confirm if I did or whatever – I am on Tamiflu as a precaution.  And Tamiflu upsets my stomach.  🙁


Let’s get into the Yays and Oh Nos for the week shall we.  🙂 Continue reading

Fill In The Blanks Blog Survey

I saw this fun little survey over at Carrots ‘N’ Cake and thought I’d give it a go.


I would try scuba diving once.  I have a fear of deep water…:(

Weirdest thing I ever ate was octopus.  My mom hid it in a Korean dish and I did NOT like it.  I try to avoid stuff that does not sound appealing to me.  I also tried this absolutely awful stuff from a BBQ place in Cabot, Arkansas (The Mean Pig) called “Shut-Up Juice“.  It was featured on Man vs. Food.  This stuff was disgusting and literally made me feel like I had turned into a fire breathing dragon.  It was the most awful /evening of my life.  Oh the heartburn.  You know it’s bad when your co-workers are passing around a bottle of Maalox.  My co-workers who ate a lot more of it then me suffered even more.  Just to clarify – I did NOT try this challenge.  I had a tini-tiny amount just to try.

The movie of my life would star Aubrey Plaza.
I’ve been told several times that she and I look like each other.  I’ve also been told I make similar faces like she does in “Parks and Recreation”.

My go-to food indulgence is a baked good like cookies or blondies.  Oooey Gooey Bars and chocolate chip cookies get me every time.

Last live concert I saw was Shania Twain and Gavin DeGraw in Nashville last year.  I also saw a post football game concert with Brad Paisley.  But it wasn’t the full-on concert experience.  Funny thing – I’m not really into country music.  LOL.


Brad Paisley

Favorite jeans are J Brand Jeans and Old Navy Rockstar Jeans.

My can’t-live-without beauty product is a cleansing oil.  I adore them and can’t stand other make-up wipes or anything like that.  This one is one of my all time favorites.  I’m planning to try this one next.  For travel, I like taking a balm like this one instead.

Can’t Let a Good Leap Day Go to Waste…

Happy  Leap Day of 2016!

Sorry for the two week hiatus.  You see my primary PC is a-l-l the way upstairs.  And because I was sick for a couple of weeks all kinds of things got postponed.  Long story short – I’ve been playing major catch up on life.  But it’s not every year you get a special leap day…so I figure I’d better not waste it.  🙂

Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on over here.

  • I ordered a new laptop.  Actually the hubs ordered it for me because I am not the most tech savvy person.  It’s an HP Envy.  I can’t wait till it gets here!  Plus I think it’ll make it much more convenient to post consistently on here.
  • The hubs and I have been shooting for two CrossFit classes a week.  And what’s more special is that a couple of our friends from our last box have been trying it out too.  Working out with friends makes it that much better.  Don’t you agree?
  • I participated in a Dietbet.  I believe it ended today but I haven’t done my official weigh in yet.  But a couple of days ago…I was 1 lb. away.  🙁  Confession:  I have yet to win in any of the Dietbets I’ve participated in.  I always seem to time it for when the end is right before or when my period starts. Basically, I always put on weight before that time of the month.  Ugh…
  • One of the reasons I haven’t posted in awhile is because I’ve been dealing/struggling with some things.  Just struggling with the day to day of being an adult and all those responsibilities.  I use to have some serious anxiety issues .  Whenever I feel overwhelmed or that I’m not being my best – my anxiety can really kick into high gear.  I’ve thought about posting about some things because I think we can all relate to struggling with things…and maybe it would help others to see we can get through it all.  But I don’t ever want to bring anyone down or seem negative – so I just kept a low profile.
  • Ella (one of the Doxie puppies) played a little too hard and snagged her nail’s cuticle.  It bled like crazy but stopped and we thought she was fine.  Saturday afternoon (after the dog training class where she didn’t exactly do her best in class) she was limping pretty bad.  We took her to our vet and discovered it had gotten infected.  🙁  She’s on the mend with some antibiotics and feeling much better.
  • I got my hair done.  Ugh…why can’t I make my hair look the way the professionals do…

New Hair 2016

Question of the day…

Should I post some of the more serious posts?  Or are those too much of a downer..?  Tell me what do YOU want to see more of.


Happy Monday Post Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday everyone.

Since I’m finally feeling 100% (maybe 105% because I ate badly the past couple of weeks – so my volume has grown…I digress..) this Monday wasn’t too rough.  I believe the temperatures this past weekend hovered in the low 30s to low 40s.  The Weather Channel is predicting the temperatures to be in the low 70s by the end of the week?!  Prepping myself now for major sinus issues.

Weather 2.15.16


This weekend was good.  I got to grab coffee with one of my favorite friends Jaime-ah!  (The -ah at the end of her name is a Korean thing.  Not like officially in the Korean culture – but something we’ve adopted from our mothers over the years.)  I’ve been drinking hot tea in the mornings the past couple of weeks.  But as I sat there waiting on her (She suffers from severe Asian time 🙂 .  For those who are not familiar with Asian time, it’s basically expect an Asian person to show up approximately 10-20 minutes later than the agreed upon time. ), the scent of espresso/coffee was calling my name.  So I gave in and had a grande mocha with raspberry.  We’ll say it was in honor of Valentine’s Day.  🙂  I’m really fortunate to have a group of really great girlfriends.  And Jaime-ah and I’s conversations cover the craziest range of topics.  But isn’t that the best?  When you can talk to your friends about any and everything? A great conversation with one of your girlfriends can do so much to recharge your spirit.


For Valentine’s Day …
I gave the hubs a heart shaped box of chocolates (he loves those things) and a carrying case for his quadcopter and its accessories.  Finally a gift that’s not clothing or cologne related.  😛

For the kiddo, I got her some new coloring markers and the Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion.  She loved both.  FYI – the Revlon Moisture Stain is awesome!  Most stains cause my lips to peel within an hour of wearing it.  This stuff kept them moisturized and faded into a lovely natural looking color.  Highly recommend trying them out.

The hubs got me this limited edition Downton Abbey tea set and a bkr bottle in Lolita.  And I love both!  I’m a huge Downton Abbey fan and prefer to drinking out of glass water bottles instead of plastic.  So both are a win win for me.  The kiddo also got me a Ghardelli dark chocolate bar with sea salt.  YUM.

Valentines Gift 2016


How was your weekend?

Friday Favorites & Finds: 02.12.2016

Let’s get into the Yays and Oh Nos for the week shall we.  🙂


  • Jacksonville (AR) finally got a good Asian restaurant – Chopsticks Pho (Vietnamese food).  This is my default place if I don’t bring a lunch.  The hubs even tried it and really liked it too.
  • I’ve been listening to Gretchen Rubin’s book “Better Than Before“.    The below statement is 100% what I need to do to be consistent with anything.  Learning some good tools and reasoning.

  • Hubs and I did the following workout.  I didn’t even keep track of my scores – just trying to get back into the groove of things again.

WOD 2.08.2016

Oh No…

  • Sweet Ella got pretty sick Monday/Tuesday.  The vet believes she got a bacteria infection from a bully stick.  So those are no longer allowed and the dogs miss them like crazy.
  • I’m still dealing with some sinus issues.  I’m going to blame our crazy weather – typical Arkansas.
  • I’ve been staying up later than I should…ugh…

Friday’s Favorites and Finds:

  • Busy Buddy Dog Toy.  Our dogs love this (because they are definitely food motivated creatures – unlike Lucy) – especially Ella.
  • I love a good cleansing oil!  And I have definitely tried a wide range of them.  This list has some good reviews of some of the newest cleansing oils on the market.  I’m particularly interested in trying this one next.

  • Lauren Hutton’s thoughts on having children…”You’re damned if you do…and damned if you don’t.”  That is exactly how I feel on the issue.
  • These look so comfy.  Good bye yoga pants – hello athleisure pants.
  • This recipe for Grilled salmon with avocado salsa looks amazing.  If only my family would eat seafood.  *insert eye roll*
  • I’ve finally used up all of my face washes (part of my whole not repurchasing until all used up.)  The hubs has challenged me to try drugstore brands first before going to my high end products.  So I’m going to give this cleanser a try.
  • I’m on the hunt for this lip stain to try.  Have you tried it?
  • Valentine’s Chocolates from Kilwins are always a win in my book.  Although I always end up getting ice cream and a caramel apple when I go.  😛
  • A gymnastics routine that includes the whip and nae nae – uh yes please!

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